Coordination of government procurement

Within the State administration, framework agreements have been concluded for authorities that cover many products and services.

Authorities under the Government shall comply with the Ordinance on Coordination of Government Purchasing (1998:796). This Ordinance states that framework agreements or other joint agreements must be in place to cover products and services that authorities procure frequently, on a large scale or that are of a high value. The aim is to achieve savings for the central government by making procurement more efficient.

Authorities should use these agreements if they do not consider that another form of agreement would be better. This means that the authorities can award a contract (make call-offs) directly from a supplier included in one of these framework agreements.

Local government authorities, county councils and public undertakings are in certain cases connected to government framework agreements and many have their own systems for coordinating purchasing. For many contracting authorities, internal decisions make it mandatory to use such agreements.

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