Other possibilities to complain

The European Commission receives complaints not only from suppliers but from anyone else that considers that the procurement rules have been violated.

The Swedish Competition Authority can investigate a complaint if it is considered to be of general interest or of interest in principle. A contracting authority is liable to provide the information that the Swedish Competition Authority requests for its supervision.

Sweden is represented by the National Board of Trade in the SOLVIT network (www.kommers.se), which has been created to enable a supplier to rapidly and simply get help to overcome problems resulting from the incorrect application of legislation concerning the Internal Market (e.g. procurement legislation). The network shall primarily fulfil a purpose in the event of problems in conjunction with the submission of tenders across national borders. There is a SOLVIT centre in every EU/EEA country.

Complaints can also be presented to the Swedish Parliamentary Ombudsman (JO), the Office of the Chancellor of Justice (JK) and the contracting authority’s auditors.

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