Contract documents

The contract documents are the information base for a tender that a contracting authority provides to suppliers prior to procurement. Well-prepared contract documents with a clear structure are important for the efficiency in the public procurement process.

Contract documents shall contain at least:

  1. requirements for the supplier (the supplier’s economic standing and technical and professional ability) in the case of open and simplified procedures,
  2. a requirement specification or description of the assignment (e.g. technical specifications),
  3. grounds for evaluation – lowest price or the most economically advantageous tender (including evaluation criteria; that is, the circumstances used to distinguish the most economically advantageous tender),
  4. the commercial conditions that are to be applied during the period of the agreement (e.g. terms of payment and supply).
  5. the administrative provisions for the procurement (e.g. award procedure, last date for tenders and the period of tender validity).

A contracting authority may also impose special conditions for how the contract is to be performed; such conditions may refer to, for instance, social and environmental considerations.