Action brought to impose procurement fines on Mariestad

Press The Swedish Competition Authority has brought an action in court to impose a fine/procurement fine of SEK 730,000 on Mariestad Municipality. According to the Swedish Competition Authority, the Municipality is guilty of an illegal direct award of contract.

Telia is not guilty of collusive tendering

Press Telia was not involved in illegal collaboration with its competitor Gothnet in a procurement carried out in Gothenburg in 2009. This is the ruling of the Patent and Market Court of Appeal.

Competition means making a choice

Press Competition in Sweden is functioning well, but there are some deficiencies, mainly in the construction industry and the banking sector. The report also contains descriptions of developments on several other markets, including pharmaceuticals, dentistry...

Injunction to provide access to recycling stations

Press The Packaging and Newspaper Collection Service (FTI) must withdraw its notice of termination of an agreement on access to household recycling stations that the company has with competitor TMResponsibility, after a decision taken by the Swedish...