The objective of the Swedish Competition Authority is to promote effective competition in the private and the public sector for the benefit of consumers and an efficient public procurement for the benefit of the general public and the actors on the market.

Our main tasks are:

Application of the law and supervision

The Authority applies the competition act, including control of notified mergers. The Authority shall also take action against serious competition restrictions, particularly in regions dominated by a few and with weak competition.

The Authority is the supervisory body for public procurement. Our commission is to work for an effective public procurement to the benefit of the general public and the actors on the market. The supervisory activity has priority and we work in the first place to identify infringements of the rules which are of major importance or are of special interest.

Competition-promoting measures and more efficient public procurement

The Authority submits proposals for changes in the rules and measures to eliminate the obstacles to effective competition in the private and public sectors and to achieve more efficient public procurement.

The Authority also issues appropriate information concerning competition policy and the application of competition rules and promote a competition oriented attitude. We also work for an increased understanding of the procurement rules through general guidance and information.

Knowledge development

The Authority develop Swedish research within the competition and procurement sector both qualitatively and quantitatively.

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