The Swedish Competition Authority and VINNOVA collaborate on innovation procurement


The Swedish Competition Authority and VINNOVA, Sweden’s Innovation Agency, have reached an agreement to collaborate on innovation procurement. The aim is for the contracting authorities to more easily benefit from high quality support and guidance.

The collaboration includes the dissemination of knowledge about innovation procurement and to support the innovation and development work in the public sector.

“In order to develop public operations and strengthen industrial competitiveness, we need to increase the use of innovative procurement in Sweden, and we can make a contribution to this by working together,” says Charlotte Brogren, Director-General of VINNOVA.

 “The partnership represents a strong offer to the procuring authorities and to companies, as the Swedish Competition Authority and VINNOVA complement each other with knowledge, contacts, resources, and access to funding. We are now creating the conditions for procuring authorities to provide better support when implementing innovation procurement awards,” says Dan Sjöblom, Director-General of the Swedish Competition Authority.

The Swedish Competition Authority works to provide support, guidance and information regarding all aspects of innovation procurement. The procurement-supporting activities are carried out within the framework of the Swedish Competition Authority's procurement support.   VINNOVA offers funding for development projects related to procurement and supports the processes for needs identification in the public sector. VINNOVA also provides information on funding opportunities in the EU for the public sector, such as calls for innovation procurement.

The agreement runs until the end of 2016 and will be evaluated continuously to ensure the authorities can contribute the greatest possible added value to all stakeholders.

For further information, please contact:
Jimmy Dominius, Press Officer, The Swedish Competition Authority, Tel +46(0)76-542 15 80
Niklas Tideklev, Case officer, The Swedish Competition Authority, Tel +46(0)8-700 16 16 Daniel Holmberg, Press Officer, VINNOVA, +46(0)8 - 473 30 53
Nina Widmark, Administrator, VINNOVA, +46(0)8-473 30 52

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