Swedish Bodybuilding Association changes its application of loyalty clause


The Swedish Competition Authority welcomes the Swedish Bodybuilding Association’s (SKKF) confirmation that it will not suspend or fine members who participate in competing events.

The Swedish Competition Authority has investigated whether a so-called loyalty clause applied by SKKF could be anti-competitive vis-à-vis other organisers of bodybuilding and fitness competitions.

In the course of the investigation, SKKF has notified the Authority that athletes, coaches, officials or judges will no longer risk suspension or fines for participating in non-sanctioned competitions. The requirement remains, however, that they must test for doping, at their own expense, before they are allowed to compete at SKKF events again.

The Association has notified its member athletes and clubs of these changes via its newsletter and website.

In these circumstances, the Swedish Competition Authority has decided not to investigate the matter further.

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